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  1. Hotel Stays
  • When can I make a hotel reservation?
    • Now that we are open, you can make reservations through Player Services.
  • Will I be able to redeem hotel comps from when you all were closed?
    • Unfortunately, no. With us being closed, there will be no past redemptions of hotel comps, food comps, freeplay, etc.
      • However, if you had a reservation that we had to cancel due to COVID-19 and our closing, we will honor that stay.
        • Player Services must contact Ryan so that he can check and confirm that the guest indeed had a reservation that we had to cancel.
  1.  Birthday Bonus
  • My birthday was in March/April/May/June, where and when do I get my birthday bonus freeplay?
    • We are going to be allowing all guests who had a birthday in these months access to their birthday bonus game at the end of June on the 28th, 29th, and 30th.
  1. Jackpot Party
  • We will be doing a promotion called Spin to Win
    • Spin to Win will be for those guests who won a qualifying Jackpot in March and June on July 1,2, and 3rd
    •  You will receive an invitation from HHR when you claim your jackpot to return on those dates to redeem your Spin and Win offer.
    • You will get to go to the Fun Zone kiosks to win additional freeplay on designated days.
  1. Winners’ Circle
  • Am I going to lose my card status because you all weren’t open, and I couldn’t earn my points?
    • All Silver and Gold card members will be able to enjoy their status through December 31, 2020.
    • All Winners’ Circle members will be until December 31, 2020 to either maintain or earn higher status
    • On January 1, 2021, all tier point balances will be 0, and the earning period will return to a 6-month earning period from January 1 – June 30, July 1 – December 31.
    • Point Structures will remain the same
      • Red: 0-4,999
      • Silver: 5,000-17,499
      • Gold: 17,500+
  1. What about my pot of gold entries?
  • At this time, we are unable to continue our Pot of Gold Drawing. When we are able, we will be doing large drawings and promotions. Since we will be starting with new promotions, these entries will not be rolled over.
  1. What about my points from week when you closed?
  • We will roll these points over to our first Scratch off upon our return.
    • It will be a combination of points between the week we closed, and the week in which we return to get your total points.
  1. What about Freeplay from March/additional months weekly coupons & bonus postcards?
  • While these offers are unavailable due to closure, we will provide new freeplay & bonus offers
  1. What about promotions/drawings?
  • Check your mailer when it arrives for all our promotions! We plan to resume drawings in July.
  1. What if I have a medical condition that prevents me from wearing a mask?
  • While we are strongly encouraging guests to wear a mask for their own protection, we understand that some guests have a medical condition that won’t allow for that. They will be welcome in the facility.
  1. Can I make a reservation to come play?
    • At this time, we are not taking reservations for playing times.
  2. Is there valet service?
    • To protect our guests and employees, valet service has been suspended at this time.
  3. I can’t smoke in Smokey Joes, where can I smoke?
    • All guests and employees are required to smoke at least 25 feet away from the building and out of the way of entrances and exits. Again, this is for everyone’s safety.
  4. When will everything go back to normal?
    • We have a phased reopening that will hopefully allow us to increase capacity and amenities as time goes.
  5. When will drawings start?
    • We will begin to roll out drawings in July. Starting in July and for the foreseeable future, our drawings will not require guests to be present to win. If you are not present and you win, we will post non-claimed winners of Facebook. You will have 6 days from the drawing to claim your prize.
  6. When will Steak Night and Milkshake Monday return?
    • We are working to bring back all our amenities as soon as possible and in the safest way possible. We are working on a solution to bring Steak Night as well as Milkshake Monday as soon as we can!
  7. When will you get bands back?
    • To allow for social distancing, we have suspended live music until further notice. We hope to bring this back in the coming months if it is possible.
  8. Where is the self-serve coffee?
    • For your safety, all coffee will be served via a server or bartender! Just ask them and they will happily serve you!
  9. Where can I order to go food?
    • We ask that you do not order from the bar at Frankie’s at this time. Table service is available at Frankie’s—please ask the hostess to seat you. If you would like to order food to go, the hostess can assist you with this as well. You will be directed to a window at Frankie’s bar to pick up your to go order.
  10. What are these new multi theme games I am seeing?
    • We are so excited to bring you these new games! The multi theme games are for Parimax only but they allow you to choose from ANY game theme and ANY denomination! If you have any questions, please ask an HHR attendant!
  11. I don’t know where my favorite games are because the floor is different.
    • To provide ample distancing, we rearranged the floor and have to turn off several machines. Your favorite games are still here, just ask an attendant so they can help you locate what you are looking for!